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Big right toe viciously attacked by salad dressing

Yesterday, I was putting away groceries and a bottle of salad dressing leaped out and attacked my big toe. The pain.. oh the pain. So I decided to put together a lineup and identify the culprit: (click photos to enlarge)


Hmm… not sure… can the suspects please turn to the left?


I think that bottle of Rasperry Vinagrette looks familiar.. Number 2, can you please step forward?


That’s the one officer! That’s the bottle of dressing that attacked my toe! (sob, sniff). But since it’s so tasty and lo-cal, I’ll forgive it.

This time.


Boston’s best restaurants (in the AD’s humble opinion)

Indian- Tanjore 18 Eliot St, Cambrdige MA Tanjore’s website

Thai- The King and I 145 Charles St, Boston MA The King and I’s website

Mexican- Sol Azteca 914 Beacon St. #A, Boston MA Sol Azteca’s website

The $200 Cookie?

There is an urban myth that Neiman Marcus sells
exquisite cookies at their ritzy stores at $200 a dozen.
Wow, that must be some cookie! you might say.
Well, the myth is just that- and Neiman Marcus
has kindly provided us with their recipe for free.
These cookies are SCRUMPTIOUS!


Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe