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fat-cat.jpg T. J. : We are planning an intervention.

Japan: Land of…

 The fearless group of Artful Dodger Travel Correspondents traveled to the beautiful land of Japan. Here are some photos from their trip. Japan is a land of…



Serene temples

Incredibly Confusing Toilets


and Kenny G.?


I’ve been tagged!

Grace has tagged me- check out her interesting and beautifully designed site!

rabbid.jpgHere are the rules:

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Here are 7 random facts about me:

1. My favorite author is Charles Dickens (hence my nickname)
2. I auditioned for Jeopardy! – still waiting for the callback…
3. I have a slight obsession with Louis Vuitton- I know, you never would have been able to figure that one out on your own.
4. My darling husband and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary soon. 🙂
5. My favorite food is Indian.
6. I’m a vegetarian- no meat, chicken or fish, but I do eat eggs and milk. But I’m not a preachy vegetarian, I swear!
7. I like to sing along to commercial jingles.

I am tagging: So Fash’on, The Clotheshorse, I Must Be Dreaming, Self Publishing on the Go, The Sartorialist, I Hate Generic, The Daily Obsession.

I bel.. I bleeve you have my stapler?



Waiting for the Wii…

Well we have ordered the Nintendo Wii and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. I feel like Eric Cartman in this episode of South Park:

Watch Future Cartman call himself in the past here- hilarious: Cartman Calls Himself – video powered by Metacafe

Dying to play this game: Rayman Raving Rabbidsrabbids2.jpgrabbids.jpg

‘ello Guv’nah! Got a sovreign for some nuts?


Look at this funny polite little tufty-eared squirrel!! From our friends at

Big right toe viciously attacked by salad dressing

Yesterday, I was putting away groceries and a bottle of salad dressing leaped out and attacked my big toe. The pain.. oh the pain. So I decided to put together a lineup and identify the culprit: (click photos to enlarge)


Hmm… not sure… can the suspects please turn to the left?


I think that bottle of Rasperry Vinagrette looks familiar.. Number 2, can you please step forward?


That’s the one officer! That’s the bottle of dressing that attacked my toe! (sob, sniff). But since it’s so tasty and lo-cal, I’ll forgive it.

This time.

The answer to Boston’s overpriced housing market:

The answer to Boston’s overpriced housing market:


To see more ridiculously cute animal pics and videos, check out our good friends at

Outlet shopping anyone?

If you are lucky enough to live near one of the Chelsea Premium Outlets, here is a guide to making the most of your trip.

Step one- sign up for great coupon deals! Go to , click on VIP club, click on Join Now. After you have entered all of your info, you will receive a printable voucher for a free coupon book, redeemable at the Information Center. When you arrive, go to the Info desk and pick up your coupon book. Say for instance you want to use the “$20 off a purchase of $100 or more” at Off Saks- simply hand the book to the cashier when paying. They will give you the discount, and sign off on the book to indicate that you have used that coupon. You do not have to use all of the coupons in one day- keep the booklet and use it the next time you come back.

Step two- eat a big breakfast. You will need fuel for shopping.

Step three- print out a map of the outlet shopping center, and circle the stores you absolutely must see. The place is huge and unless you spend five hours there you can’t see everything, so make a game plan.

Have fun, and remember- outlets are very hit-or-miss. You might score a fabulous Dior bag half-price, or a Burberry trench 30% off, or you might go home empty-handed.

And no, there is no such thing as a Louis Vuitton outlet. 😦

Louis Vuitton’s Fabulous New Amarante Color!

Louis Vuitton’s Amarante!


Finally, the much-awaited new Amarante color is available- only in the Inclusion accessories so far. You can see them on and they will be available for purchase in June. Amarante is a rich bordeaux eggplant, seems a little more purple than Vamp. The Amarante Vernis bags are rumored to be out in fall- dying to see the Houston, the Bedford, the Roxbury in Amarante. This might be better than Pomme D’Amour!

I’m a Gucci girl.. in a Gucci world..

Going shopping at Gucci? I’ve made it easy for you with these three Bag ‘n Shoo sets:

Bamboo slides 3″ heel $385bamboo-slides.jpg with the Peggy top handle bag fuchsia floral canvas $1,450gucci-peggy.jpg

Sunset ankle wrap wedge sandals 3.3″ heel $535 sunset-heel.jpgwith the Wave large hobo $3,150gucci-wave.jpg

Hollywood open-toe sandals 3.3″ heel $565hollywood-heels.jpgwith Black Positano med fabric tote $1,350gucci-positano.jpg

I know, I know, only 3 inch heels?? I didn’t know Gucci made anything smaller than 4 inches myself!

Louis Vuitton 2007

Ah Louis Vuitton does it again- they manage to create new, young, fresh lines while still maintaining the house’s sense of timelessness and elegance. Some of LV’s latest and greatest are:

  • Damier Azur canvas- fresh, light, airy and feminine,
  • Mini Lin- cute and young
  • New Color in Vernis-Pomme D’Amour (a vibrant blood red not for the faint of heart) and Amarante coming out this fall, said to be like Chanel’s Vamp- deep burgundy/black
  • New Color in Epi- Ivoire, a fresh elegant ivory

The ONLY website where you can buy AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton items online is Eluxury is owned by LVHM (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey)

ALL other sites sell fakes.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Damier Canvas Hampstead PM $885



Damier Azur Saleya GM $1,120

Suhali Le Talentueux $2,490


Monogram Vernis Koala Wallet in Pomme D’Amour $675


See the entire Louis Vuitton collection at

Learn all you ever wanted to know about handbags from the best, friendliest, most fun people at

Ode to the Sloth

Poor sloths- they get such a bad rap, being one of the seven deadly sins and all. These mild, fungus-covered little creatures are absolutely adorable and fascinating. Check out this blog- some wonderful people in Costa Rica take in orphaned sloth babies,


give them teddy bears (OMG HOW CUTE) and raise them until they can live in the wild.

What is the Artful Dodger up to?

Currently reading: The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis. Is there anything better than a hero/journey story in which the horse teaches the boy how to ride him? Come back to childhood with me! Do these words ring any bells for you? Tashbaan, Tarkaan, The Tisroc (may he live for ever), Archenland. Ah the sweet air of Narnia.

Currently watching: The Amazing Race: All Stars- Love Charla, hate Myrna! Best moment of the season thus far: Charla mercilessly shoveling sausage down her throat, then leaning over a bucket, sticking the butt end of a table knife down her throat, retching violently (to the utter horror of the Beauty Queens) and going right back into that sausage. Charla is my new hero.

Currently surfing: . The most disgustingly, horrifyingly cute pics of kittens, hedgehogs, rabbits galore- check your X-or Y-generation cynicism at the door. A Hedgehog eating a Milano cookie, people! It doesn’t GET much cuter.


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