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Gucci sale! and new LV Epi color! (updated)

If the rumors are correct, there is a Gucci bi-annual sale coming up. From what I have heard there is a “pre-sale” going on through the end of May where you can go in and pre-order sale items to be picked up in June. The official sale is in the first week of June, BUT I have heard that by then most of the good items are gone. Supposedly, the discount is 30% on canvas bags and 40% on leather bags, but don’t quote me on this. Seasonal items only, nothing frm the staple collection. Also, the sale is not online.

Hurry up because the Gucci sale items will sell faster than Leilene’s used stripper-wear or Schataar’s “couture” dresses! 😉

Also, in LV news, there is a rumor of a new Epi color coming this fall- purple!! Can’t wait to see this one. Purple is quite the color this fall; purple Epi, Amarante Vernis- should be a great season for LV lovers.

***UPDATE: 5/28/07- Checked out the Gucci store today- lots of great bags and shoes on presale today. The official sale begins next week. Also Neiman Marcus is having a big shoe sale- tons of Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Ferragamo, Prada shoes about 30% off.

‘ello Guv’nah! Got a sovreign for some nuts?


Look at this funny polite little tufty-eared squirrel!! From our friends at

“How to Lead a Miserable Life” by the Artful Dodger

There are countless books written on how to lead a happy, joyful, loving life. But where do you go if you choose to be miserable? Look no further dear reader, for this article will provide you with the steps needs to be completely unhappy for the rest of your days. Now there may be some doubters in the audience who think that we are destined to be happy or unhappy, whether due to nature, nurture, or both. However, these doubters ignore one key power of the human mind: attitude.

First, and most importantly of all: work at a boring, dead-end, unfulfilling job for many years because you lack the nerve to attempt to find a better job that suits you and your talents. After a solid ten years at this type of job, you will almost certainly be there for life, and the desire to move to a challenging position which you enjoy will slowly disappear, to be replaced by a comfortable numbness.

Focus only on yourself. Be completely self-absorbed and self-centered. Adopt a “woe is me” attitude, and count all of the bad things that have happened to you over the years (making sure to conveniently forget all of the good things that have happened to you) and convince yourself that there is a divine plan on the part of God and humanity to ruin your life. Do not waste your time helping others with their comparatively miniscule problems; they should be helping you with your much more important problems. Do not do any community volunteering as generosity would only give you a sense of self-worth and satisfaction. Whining and complaining incessantly will also get you far on the road to unhappiness.

Take everything far too seriously. Let your sense of humor lie dormant, and above all never learn to enjoy a good laugh at yourself. Focus only on your shortcomings and ignore your successes and talents. Insert a soundtrack into your mind that plays over and over a long list of your weaknesses, personal failures, and fears. After a while, this soundtrack will block out any realistic interpretation of yourself or the world around you.

Never take any risks. Narrow your mindset so that you see only failure in any new things that you might try. Why bother going to that interview: you will never get the job. Why date anyone? It will never work out. Loving and happy relationships with family, friends, and significant others require a risk as well as hard work. Learn to view change as a threat. Close your mind to other viewpoints and possibilities.

Focus only on the bad things that happen, and ignore the good things. This is the most important part of leading a miserable life. Keep careful track of all the disappointments, bad luck, and add it all up until you are too afraid to trust anyone or have hope for anything. Above all, do not count your blessings. Forget all of the little joys of everyday life, and ignore all of the good and generous things that other people have done for you purely out of the goodness of their hearts. Never be grateful for your good health, your family’s good health, and the people in your life.

Remember that attitude is key in life. With the proper bad attitude, you too can lead a life full of misery and regret.

Who will be America’s Next Top Model? And do we care?

The ANTM Season 8 finale is on tonight at 8:00 PM EST. My official guess is as follows: Jasleen will be in third place, Natasha in second, and Renee will win.

I was going to add in a nifty little poll, but balked at the idea of trying to figure out CGI/Perl Script. So just add comments about who you think will win.

Check out one of my all-time favorite sites: Television Without Pity. The writers are absolutely hilarious. They have episode descriptions and forums for everything from The Bachelor to Flavor of Love: Charm School. You will laugh until you have Diet Coke coming out of your nose. (learned that from experience)



Jasleen in dominatrix mode




EDIT: Boy was I wrong!! Jaslene won- congratulations to her! She can be edgy, sexy, pretty and sweet, and her runway walk is killer. Yay!

Louis Vuitton- sneak peek at Fall 2007 collection

Wow. Check out this new line coming in the fall/winter 2007 LV collection. Not too many details yet, but I’ve heard it’s called Monogram Techno or Monogram Degrade. Find out more info about upcoming new LV items (including new Vernis styles and the Amarante color) at
Oh and make sure to vote for your favorite blogs at!


The AD’s third attempt at reading James Joyce’s Ulysses


When they handed me my degree in English, I was afraid they would say, “Waiiit a minute-have you read Ulysses?” and I would stammer, “Umm well I tried but haven’t gotten past page 37” and they’d snatch it back. Luckily, this didn’t happen. But, as Ulysses was named the best novel of the 20th century, I am going to read it and this time I will get through it.

Now if you have ever tried reading Ulysses before, you have come up against a passage like this:

“that was a relief wherever you be let your wind go free who knows if that pork chop I took with my cup of tea after was quite good with the heat I couldnt smell anything off it Im sure that queerlooking man in the porkbutchers is a great rogue I hope that lamp is not smoking fill my nose up with smuts better than having him leaving the gas on all night I couldnt rest easy in my bed in Gibraltar even getting up to see why am I so damned nervous about that” (Joyce, 736).

Alrighty then. It’s like William Faulkner and e.e. cummings had a bastard child.

Good thing I have help this time- “The New Bloomsday Book: A Guide Through Ulysses” by Harry Blamires (available on
Anyone want to sum up the plot for me? Anyone?

Very disturbing dream!

Okay, are there any dream analysts out there? I need some help.

I had a dream that I went to visit Moamar Gaddafi (president of Libya)


Apparently he even has his own blog:

In case you want to chat.

Big right toe viciously attacked by salad dressing

Yesterday, I was putting away groceries and a bottle of salad dressing leaped out and attacked my big toe. The pain.. oh the pain. So I decided to put together a lineup and identify the culprit: (click photos to enlarge)


Hmm… not sure… can the suspects please turn to the left?


I think that bottle of Rasperry Vinagrette looks familiar.. Number 2, can you please step forward?


That’s the one officer! That’s the bottle of dressing that attacked my toe! (sob, sniff). But since it’s so tasty and lo-cal, I’ll forgive it.

This time.

The answer to Boston’s overpriced housing market:

The answer to Boston’s overpriced housing market:


To see more ridiculously cute animal pics and videos, check out our good friends at

AMARANTE IS HERE! Coming in fall to an LV near you..

And all I can say is… wow. Check out this fabulous French fashion website (scroll to the bottom and click on English to translate the site).
Here is a picture of the LV Amarante Vernis Pegase:Amarante Pegase

And here is the LV Pomme D’Amour Vernis Pegase:Pomme Pegase

Both are such vibrant, gorgeous, sumptuous colors- you might have to buy one in each color! Happy drooling.

Outlet shopping anyone?

If you are lucky enough to live near one of the Chelsea Premium Outlets, here is a guide to making the most of your trip.

Step one- sign up for great coupon deals! Go to , click on VIP club, click on Join Now. After you have entered all of your info, you will receive a printable voucher for a free coupon book, redeemable at the Information Center. When you arrive, go to the Info desk and pick up your coupon book. Say for instance you want to use the “$20 off a purchase of $100 or more” at Off Saks- simply hand the book to the cashier when paying. They will give you the discount, and sign off on the book to indicate that you have used that coupon. You do not have to use all of the coupons in one day- keep the booklet and use it the next time you come back.

Step two- eat a big breakfast. You will need fuel for shopping.

Step three- print out a map of the outlet shopping center, and circle the stores you absolutely must see. The place is huge and unless you spend five hours there you can’t see everything, so make a game plan.

Have fun, and remember- outlets are very hit-or-miss. You might score a fabulous Dior bag half-price, or a Burberry trench 30% off, or you might go home empty-handed.

And no, there is no such thing as a Louis Vuitton outlet. 😦

Louis Vuitton’s Fabulous New Amarante Color!

Louis Vuitton’s Amarante!


Finally, the much-awaited new Amarante color is available- only in the Inclusion accessories so far. You can see them on and they will be available for purchase in June. Amarante is a rich bordeaux eggplant, seems a little more purple than Vamp. The Amarante Vernis bags are rumored to be out in fall- dying to see the Houston, the Bedford, the Roxbury in Amarante. This might be better than Pomme D’Amour!

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