What is the Artful Dodger up to?

Currently reading: The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis. Is there anything better than a hero/journey story in which the horse teaches the boy how to ride him? Come back to childhood with me! Do these words ring any bells for you? Tashbaan, Tarkaan, The Tisroc (may he live for ever), Archenland. Ah the sweet air of Narnia.

Currently watching: The Amazing Race: All Stars- Love Charla, hate Myrna! Best moment of the season thus far: Charla mercilessly shoveling sausage down her throat, then leaning over a bucket, sticking the butt end of a table knife down her throat, retching violently (to the utter horror of the Beauty Queens) and going right back into that sausage. Charla is my new hero.

Currently surfing: www.cuteoverload.com . The most disgustingly, horrifyingly cute pics of kittens, hedgehogs, rabbits galore- check your X-or Y-generation cynicism at the door. A Hedgehog eating a Milano cookie, people! It doesn’t GET much cuter.



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