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Boston’s best restaurants (in the AD’s humble opinion)

Indian- Tanjore 18 Eliot St, Cambrdige MA Tanjore’s website

Thai- The King and I 145 Charles St, Boston MA The King and I’s website

Mexican- Sol Azteca 914 Beacon St. #A, Boston MA Sol Azteca’s website


The connection between bad fashion sense and evil?

Hmm.. now what do Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (of Holocaust denial fame) and Kim Jong-Il (of torture and starving your population fame) have in common? What is the link between these two evil men? Let’s take a look, shall we?


And the common link is… THIS! The Members Only jacket!! members.jpg


I’m a Gucci girl.. in a Gucci world..

Going shopping at Gucci? I’ve made it easy for you with these three Bag ‘n Shoo sets:

Bamboo slides 3″ heel $385bamboo-slides.jpg with the Peggy top handle bag fuchsia floral canvas $1,450gucci-peggy.jpg

Sunset ankle wrap wedge sandals 3.3″ heel $535 sunset-heel.jpgwith the Wave large hobo $3,150gucci-wave.jpg

Hollywood open-toe sandals 3.3″ heel $565hollywood-heels.jpgwith Black Positano med fabric tote $1,350gucci-positano.jpg

I know, I know, only 3 inch heels?? I didn’t know Gucci made anything smaller than 4 inches myself!

Louis Vuitton 2007

Ah Louis Vuitton does it again- they manage to create new, young, fresh lines while still maintaining the house’s sense of timelessness and elegance. Some of LV’s latest and greatest are:

  • Damier Azur canvas- fresh, light, airy and feminine,
  • Mini Lin- cute and young
  • New Color in Vernis-Pomme D’Amour (a vibrant blood red not for the faint of heart) and Amarante coming out this fall, said to be like Chanel’s Vamp- deep burgundy/black
  • New Color in Epi- Ivoire, a fresh elegant ivory

The ONLY website where you can buy AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton items online is Eluxury is owned by LVHM (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey)

ALL other sites sell fakes.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Damier Canvas Hampstead PM $885



Damier Azur Saleya GM $1,120

Suhali Le Talentueux $2,490


Monogram Vernis Koala Wallet in Pomme D’Amour $675


See the entire Louis Vuitton collection at

Learn all you ever wanted to know about handbags from the best, friendliest, most fun people at

The $200 Cookie?

There is an urban myth that Neiman Marcus sells
exquisite cookies at their ritzy stores at $200 a dozen.
Wow, that must be some cookie! you might say.
Well, the myth is just that- and Neiman Marcus
has kindly provided us with their recipe for free.
These cookies are SCRUMPTIOUS!


Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe

Ode to the Sloth

Poor sloths- they get such a bad rap, being one of the seven deadly sins and all. These mild, fungus-covered little creatures are absolutely adorable and fascinating. Check out this blog- some wonderful people in Costa Rica take in orphaned sloth babies,


give them teddy bears (OMG HOW CUTE) and raise them until they can live in the wild.

What is the Artful Dodger up to?

Currently reading: The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis. Is there anything better than a hero/journey story in which the horse teaches the boy how to ride him? Come back to childhood with me! Do these words ring any bells for you? Tashbaan, Tarkaan, The Tisroc (may he live for ever), Archenland. Ah the sweet air of Narnia.

Currently watching: The Amazing Race: All Stars- Love Charla, hate Myrna! Best moment of the season thus far: Charla mercilessly shoveling sausage down her throat, then leaning over a bucket, sticking the butt end of a table knife down her throat, retching violently (to the utter horror of the Beauty Queens) and going right back into that sausage. Charla is my new hero.

Currently surfing: . The most disgustingly, horrifyingly cute pics of kittens, hedgehogs, rabbits galore- check your X-or Y-generation cynicism at the door. A Hedgehog eating a Milano cookie, people! It doesn’t GET much cuter.


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